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Restos Humanos en Interview!!


Découvrez en anglais (rassurez-vous, le niveau est facile, presque de la maternelle) l'interview de Julian (guitare et chant), sympathique membre du groupe Restos Humanos qui envoie le pâté et la machine avec! Ce groupe nous offre dans la joie et la bonne humeur un grind death pas piqué des hannetons et qui fleure bon la violence! Chaussez vos lunettes, sortez vos dicos et bonne lecture! Merci à Julian!!

1- Hello ! How are you ? Are you ready for this interview ?

- yes I'm very excited for this

2- When have you created Restos Humanos ? Why Restos Humanos is so brutal ? Why you didn’t wanted to play r’n’b music ? What is the secret behind your band ?

- We're Restos Humanos like a band from winter of 2013. Brutal? I don't know exactly, we want to play and transmit something of rottenness, certainly with r'n'b' music it would no be possible

3- Your last album hasn’t got a name. Or just your band name’s. Why did you make this choice ? You don’t have an idea (if it’s that, you can ask me... i always got good ideas... hahahaha!!) ?

- Hahaha thank you, in reality we have not thought a lot. has been a natural choice disposition. RH contains a series of ideas, concept that are in in the album.

4- a) The lyrics are in spanish, except some songs. You choose this way because it’s more simple to you to express you ? English is so to banal to sing ? You are rebels and you sing what you want ? An other answear ?

We decided to choose Romance languages (Spanish, Italian and in the future Portuguese) because we just think that they through can transmit to the best that we want to say.

b) What themes do you like to explore in your songs ? I think i can forget flower power, cellular nutrition or the arithmetics of the summerians ?

Yes of course. Depends, we don’t have a thematic fixed. We can talk about a certain state of mind of in other sound we can talk about a social problematics in nowadays.

5- a) Your music is very brutal and speed. When i get discovered you in live, i was impressed by your energy and the sense of emergency, with the underground spirit (It was at the Kjibi,at Le Crès, in France, from the Grindin’the garage tour). Is it because your are a trio band what you can keep this spirit ?

Thanks for your words, we are glad that you like it. Anyway we try to give everything in our shows. Guess that's our dark secret.

b) I think that your music is more than only grindcore with old-school death. Many differents elements might seems to come from many universes and (for me) it brings a lot of violence. Restos humanos just might be a cauldron of extrem music, without concessions ?

Yes we’re more that mixed GC with DM. Restos Humanos members play in others bands (hobos, messa, askesis, gelo, la pazzia) that play other styles and genres. different musical standards and influences.

6- How is it to play in live ? Two lives in Italy and one in Columbia. How can you organise yours shows ? Internet is it an important solution ? Or world is not your biggest than ?
How did you meet you to create this band ?

Yes, I’m from Colombia but I live in Italy from 2001 so, in anyway we can meet to practice together. Internet is important for many bands projects but is not our case.

- In Columbia, how is the grindcore scene ? How is the impact of Restos Humanos ? And the reacts in the world to Restos Humanos ?

Is amazing, this year we did a tour in Colombia and we found a lot of people, bands, distros. We’re very happy I have found a completely positive situation about Colombia scene.

8- How do you do to create yours songs with this distance between each member f the band ? Do you have make the choice of an « military organisation’s » ? What are your influences for Restos Humanos ?

We don’t live more 20 km each other, we hate all military organization, and our influences are grindcore, punk, old school death metal Italian 70’ horror films.

9- When you look the past of Restos Humanos, what is your point of view on your band and his evolution ?

Now we’re more aware our sound in comparison 4 years ago. In future we want compose sound more elaborate of course without losing obscurity and restos Humanos mold.

10- I have some questions to transmission to you, from some peoples. Excuse the stranges questions*. Hervé (35 y) : Do you like cookies ? Do you to grind it before eat it ? Jean- Sébastien (59 y): Why do you play so loud ? Loana (21 y) : Can you play in my swimming-pool ? Jean-Charles-Edouard (39 y) : Why do you prefer to play grindcore when it’s very easy to make money in shit music like... pfff... maitre gim’s (French’s popular shitty music) ?

- yes i love it!
- Because I can herd very well
- Of course we can wait!!! In summer of course
- Is true, also in Italy you can do a lot of money play liscio music. Maybe in the next live we will choose better hahah

11- I love the singing of : an mix of differents brutal ways. The voice is very important, it gives an extrem dimension at the songs. Who is your reference Julian ?

- Thanks, Do not have a specific reference simply I try to make a voice that is quite obscure and can blend well with the music that we make

12- How do you do to trick the band and your private life ? How does your family reacts ? Are they afraid ? Fans ? Or do they don’t understand the reason of this music ?

- yes I have a fairly normal life, it is a quiet neutral and not as extreme as the music I do, so I’m no afraid haha

13- Would you get ready to play on a balcony ? With the max of people who can be on ?

- haha no yet but it’s a good idea

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